'A Tune Upon A Thin Tin Drum' by Grace Chilton

"He finishes the pizza he orders chicken 
He finishes the chicken he orders fish
He finishes the fish he orders veal
He finishes the veal he orders the pancetta. 

Then he pauses to ask if we do cheeses. We do not."

A man. A waitress. A strange shared moment. Tune Upon a Thin Tin Drum is about encounters with strangers; their power and transience. 

Directed by Alice Knight / Performed by Helena Antoniou

'Stay Away From Scarborough Fair' by Katie Redford

Ever thought about what the world looks like from a Napkin's point of view?

Here's your chance. 

It's Saturday morning at The South Cliff Hotel in Scarborough and wedding season is in full flow. As the staff prepare for the wedding lunch, Nile the Napkin shares his experiences of working at the hotel and due to the unfortunate high death rate in napkins, warns us all to stay away from Scarborough fair. 

Directed by Katie Redford / Performed by Jay Mailer.